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“Laurie Bodley was one of our freelance writers at the Special Features Department of The Chronicle Herald. I can say without hesitation or hyperbole that she is among the best writers we have ever had on our roster. Laurie writes with clarity, passion and the brevity which is all-important in the newspaper business. For an editor working on deadline, it is critically important that a writer be accurate, reliable, and able to turn a story around on short notice. Laurie more than met all of those criteria. I would not hesitate to recommend her.” —Joey Fitzpatrick, Special Features Editor



“Laurie was one of a team of five writers responsible for rewriting the content from 21 legacy web sites for the association's newly branded, single site. Laurie was one of our rock star producers: she was quick to process assignments, conducted herself very professionally with her assigned subject matter experts, was proactive with raising issues, and was extremely responsive to feedback. She was a dream to work with. I'm looking forward to more projects with her.”  —Debbie Hultgren, ABC*, Senior Consultant, Links Communication Solutions



“It was a pleasure working with Laurie who is a skilled, intelligent, and creative copywriter. We were in need of a copywriter who could pick up our unique industry lingo instantly and deliver high-quality web content in a very short time period. Laurie’s style was responsive, thoughtful and professional. I would gladly recommend her services and look forward to working with her again.” —Wendy Glaser, Manager, Human Resources Consulting, Solertia Consulting Group



“It was a pleasure working with Laurie. She took vast amounts of technical and medical information and turned it into concise, website-friendly copy that was appropriate for general audiences. She worked on a very tight deadline and with a highly professional and collaborative approach.” —Karen Luttrell, Former Communications Manager, The Micronutrient Initiative



“Laurie was great to work with. She is extremely professional and detailed. She was able to understand my requests, provide a detailed work back schedule that she delivered on each time. In her writing work she was able to capture what I was looking for. She was also very open to feedback. She takes a consultative approach and ensures that her customer is happy!" —Karen Moss, Marketing and Communications, George Brown College



"Laurie is a very talented writer. She took the time upfront to meet with us to learn about our business and our needs for the project. As a result, she delivered an excellent product. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Laurie again in the future." —Victoria Musgrave, Communications Specialist, COTA Health

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“We are very pleased and delighted with the article that Laurie wrote for us regarding Seasonal Affective Disorder. Laurie was able to take technical information and turn it into an easy to read article on a health issue that affects millions of North Americans. The article continues to receive positive feedback from both our customers and consumers. I highly recommend Laurie." —Tom A. Quigg, Director of U.S. and Canadian Sales, Uplift Technologies Inc.

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