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For The Dot — a community newspaper Bodley Language contributed to for seven years as writer, assistant editor, then editor:

“I keep reading the newspaper you put together, with undiminished gratitude that such a thing even exists.”
—Ross Hunter, Graphic Designer

“Thank you for your BRILLIANT work on The Dot!!”

—Henry McHenry

“You have given The Dot an intelligence of spirit and the coherence that's so rare these days. I always looked forward to the next issue.” —Susan Noel, Writer

“I think you did such an incredible job with The Dot ... I enjoyed reading it so much ... People were always hungry for the next edition. They would disappear like a coveted candy bar ... after every arrival. We were close to chaining them to the office.” —Lisa Steckler

“It's a great piece of work, The Dot. It's well designed, fun to read and also smart.” —Johanna Demetrakas, Filmmaker

“Keep up the good work with The Dot. I read every issue cover to cover.” — John McQuaid, Photographer, Teacher

“I wanted to express my appreciation for your work on The Dot. I always look forward to each edition and especially your articles. When you were in India for the wedding, I felt like I was with the group. I could almost taste the experience. Your last article on Khandro-la’s empowerment and the marriage article had the same sense of ‘being there.’ Your first-page introductions are informative and personable, with a generous dose of disclosure ... You are fresh, funny, humble and genuine.” —Linda Bujold, Therapist

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